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JOURNEY TO CALM: Artist shows our true colours

He’s best known for starring in Britain’s Got Talent, but now established and respected artist Nathan Wyburn is using his talent to help people in the UK better explain their feelings of unrest. This comes as new research reveals seven in 10 have experienced greater levels of unease over the last 18 months, and for 68%, not knowing how to explain their feelings adds to their discomfort. 

The digital artwork entitled The Journey to Calm has been inspired by real life stories of those seeking more calmness in their life. Everything from colours, shapes, and textures has been crowd sourced after new research from cannabis healthcare company CiiTECH, revealed 27% associate their heightened levels of unease with the colour black and 28% used the word ‘knotted’ to further describe the feeling.  

Other colours people associated with stress and unease included grey, brown and red, whereas colours associated with calm were blue, green, white yellow and turquoise.

The artwork, created in partnership with
CiiTECH’s CBD brand Provacan,incorporates traditional and non-traditional materials including charcoal, paint, cassette tape, nails and circular bottle tops. The multiple colours and textures used were voted by over 1,000 people in the UK to represent and express their own feelings.

It’s no surprise to see 73% of UK residents surveyed have experienced heightened levels of unease over the past 18 months and 71% have experienced greater levels of stress and worry rising to 86% for people aged between 18-24.

In fact, the research shows the average person in the UK has experienced over 6 days of unease a month equating to 108 days over the last 18 months.

The problems Brits have faced over the past 18 months has also had a detrimental effect on who they struggle to speak about their feelings to, with half (49%) saying they found their partners the hardest, followed by friends (45%), parents (40%), colleagues (37%) and employers (34%).

The research also found that the 27% who haven’t seen their wellness suffering during the last 18 months find it difficult to empathise, with 30% admitting they struggle to understand what they’re going through.

No wonder 65% feel like they are misunderstood by those around them, with 24% told to “cheer up” and 40% told that they “will be fine”.

For many, this makes it incredibly hard to describe their feelings with 66% unable to explain their emotions to others. Many of us are now seeking “calmness”, with 75% looking to promote calm in their lives through regular exercise (55%), daily routines (39%) and trying new products that have calming properties (27%)

For Nathan, art makes him feel calm and is his release from stress and feelings of unrest. He hopes his latest work can bring clarity to those going through difficult times. He is available to talk about his artwork and why it’s so important to find your moment of calm.

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