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SUN AND SAND: Holiday Hungry Brits would rather have a holiday than a promotion


Brits have missed travel so much, that 71% would rather go on holiday this year than find true love, also 74% would prefer a getaway to getting a promotion at work, however, 64% will not travel internationally until they have been vaccinated.

The impact of the pandemic on our daily lives has been challenging, as maintaining distance from our loved ones and staying home has become the new normal. While we may still have difficult days ahead, our appetite to explore the world remains, as well as our travel optimism following the vaccine rollout and passports.

As travel restrictions start being relaxed, uncovers attitudes towards the vaccine rollout, the types of trips Brits are wanting to take and, just how much of a priority travel will be post‐pandemic.

Vaccine Rollout Fueling Travel Optimism

Encouragingly, 68% Brits feel more hopeful about travelling this year due to the success of the vaccine rollout. And, trust in the vaccine runs deep, with three in five confirming they will not travel internationally until they have been vaccinated, rising to three quarters among those over 55. Meanwhile, 56% will only travel to countries that have implemented vaccination programs.

Travel Wins in Post Pandemic Priorities

Almost two in three Brits now admit that travel is more important to them than it was before the pandemic and 64% recognise that not being able to travel extensively in 2020 has made them yearn for travel even more in 2021.

Infact, 71% confess they would sooner go on holiday this year than find true love and three quarters would rather take a getaway than get a promotion at work. In addition, 71% would choose a trip over buying a new car and over half confess they would rather travel than have dinner with their extended family!

The Unexpected Things We Have Missed

Some Brits have missed getting away so much that they even go as far to say it’s not just the trip itself that’s missed, it’s all the in-betweens. 15% of us have unexpectedly missed airplane meals, 14% miss middle‐of‐the‐night wake up calls to catch an early flight and 1 in 5 have revealed a keenness to kill time in an airport before the flight takes off.

Beach and Spa Trips Come Up Trumps
Despite domestic trips looking to dominate the summer, over a third of UK travellers plan to get away as far as possible once travel restrictions are lifted (36%). When dreaming about their next holiday, 22% say a relaxing beach or spa trip will be the first type of trip they take when it is safe to do so, whilst only 4% will book an active holiday and just 5% say a city break is a priority.

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