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CAERPHILLY: Northview dental practice is expanding

CAERPHILLY: Northview dental practice is expanding

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A town centre dental surgery is to more than double in size after planning permission was granted to knock through two properties.

Northview Dental Practice in Caerphilly town is at number 10 Northview Terrace and has just been granted planning permission to extend into the neighbouring property, 8 Northview Terrace.

The expansion will also see a single story extension built at the back of number eight.

Sarah John, Practice Manager at the dental practice, said: “It’s an opportunity that has come up, and it makes sense for us.”

Caerphilly County Borough Council, which granted the application, did not consider parking to be an issue because of the town centre’s public transport links. However, there was one objection raised by a neighbour over sound coming from the dental practice – namely an air conditioning unit.

In response, the council approved the application but with the condition that a noise control plan must be submitted and approved before the building can be used as a dental surgery.

In its report, Caerphilly County Borough Council said: “The proposed expansion of the dental practice is considered to positively contribute to this strategic aim to safeguard the wellbeing of the residents of Caerphilly County Borough.”

The decision to approve the application was made by council officers under delegated powers.

What are delegated powers?

If a planning application is straightforward and uncontroversial, for example an extension on a house, then it is decided by a Planning Officer who has delegated powers.

Delegated powers allow the Planning Officer to decide whether to approve or reject a planning application, without the need for the council’s planning committee to make that decision.

Planning Officers have delegated powers because of their impartial position, qualifications, and experience. A planning officer has the power to refer a decision to the planning committee if it has community-wide impact.

Larger scale planning application, like the building of a new housing estate for example, would  be decided by the council’s planning committee. Other applications, such as those which are complex or have received many objections during the consultation, would also be decided the council’s planning committee.

Words: Rhiannon James, Local Democracy Reporter

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