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FLOOD DEFENCE: Completed Newport flood defences will protect more than 600 homes

FLOOD DEFENCE: Completed Newport flood defences will protect more than 600 homes

Image: LDRS

WORK has finished on a £14-million scheme to protect more than 660 homes in Newport from the risk of increased flooding.

The Crindau flood management scheme – backed by Welsh Government funding and led by Natural Resources Wales (NRW) – was carried out to defend homes in the Crindau area of Newport from the flood risk from the Crindau Pill and the nearby River Usk.

The Crindau area has a long history of flooding, with the area susceptible to tidal floods.

Earlier temporary defences were in a poor condition, and in 2014, the Welsh Government approved funding for NRW to deliver a new scheme.

The flood scheme, comprising sheet pilings, new walls and new embankments was built along a 2.6km stretch of the river, between the Great Western Railway Usk Bridge and the M4.

Contractors Galliford Try, Walters, Alun Griffiths and Laurel Landscapes worked on the project.

The scheme has been designed with climate change and predicted sea level rise in mind, allowing it to be adapted as necessary in future.

As part of the project, a number of other improvements have been made including new footpaths, cycle paths, public seating areas and a new amenity area on Albany Street – which includes new trees and planters; raised areas and a children’s fitness trail.

Elsewhere in Newport, plans are also in hand for another scheme on the Usk to protect more than 2,000 properties in the Liswerry area.

A council report published in the autumn said more than half of the city is identified as being at risk of flooding, with Maindee, Crindau, Duffryn and Lliswerry named as new areas at risk.

Lesley Griffiths, minister for environment, energy and rural affairs, said: “I am very pleased to note completion of the Crindau scheme, which will provide a great deal of reassurance and safety to those in the neighbouring area.

“Last month’s flooding was a clear example of why we need to do everything we can to mitigate and manage the flood risk posed to communities across Wales. I am also pleased to note that the Crindau scheme has already helped to defend the neighbouring community from storms and record rainfall.

“Projects such as these form a key part of our flood strategy as we face the increased risks posed by the climate emergency.”

Tim England, operations manager from Natural Resources Wales said schemes such as this can make “a huge difference to communities at risk of flooding”.

“It’s been a complex operation to manage with a large number of landowners involved, and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has contributed and allowed the scheme to succeed,” he added.

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