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MAY ELECTIONS 2021: Who’s up for election in your area and what do they stand for?

MAY ELECTIONS 2021: Who’s up for election in your area and what do they stand for?


About 48 million people will be eligible to vote candidates into more than 5,000 positions of power.

On 6 May, those elections that were scheduled to take place in 2020 will be held alongside those scheduled for this year.

This means all eligible voters in England will have a poll of some kind, with many having multiple ballots taking place at once.

Elections taking place will include county, district, combined mayoral, local authority mayoral, Greater London Authority, London mayoral and Police and Crime Commissioner, alongside other by-elections, polls and referenda.

The Scottish and Welsh national parliaments are up for grabs, as well as mayoral elections in 13 of England's biggest city areas, including the West Midlands, Manchester and Teesside.

There are also council elections across England and Police and Crime Commissioner votes in England and Wales, and some areas may have parish or town council elections, referendums on local issues and council by-elections.


Local Councils

Local council elections in England and Wales use the first-past-the-post system. The ballot paper will list the candidates for your area. You can vote for as many candidates as there are councillor vacancies, by putting a cross [X] in the box next to your choice. For example, if you are represented by three councillors and there are three vacancies, you can vote for three candidates. The ballot paper will explain how many candidates you can vote for. Each councillor elected sits for a four year terms.


Metro Mayor Elections

Mayoral elections take place at different times, depending on where you live and use Supplementary Vote system. This means the ballot paper will list the candidates for mayor, with two columns for marking your first choice and second choice.

Areas to watch are Tees Valley, where incumbent Ben Houchen will be hoping he can continue to offer the Conservatives representation in these former 'red wall' seats. Holding this would be crucial for the Tories.

Additionally, the West Midlands is another key battleground for Conservatives. West Midlands Mayor Andy Street was elected with a slim majority of just over 4,000 votes back in 2017. This could also be a key test Labour Leader Sir Keir Starmer - if he does well here, it could bode well for his leadership.

In some areas, there is a combined authority, where a group of local councils work together on issues that affect the whole area, such as transport and housing. Combined authorities are led by an elected mayor.


Police & Crime Comissioners (PCCs)

Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) make sure that the local police in their area are meeting the needs of the community.

There are 41 areas across England and Wales with a PCC. Each area has one commissioner, with elections taking place every four years - although delays due to the pandemic have extended the current term.

Just like Metro Mayoral elections, voting for your PCC uses the Supplementary Vote system.


Hartlepool by-election

Another crucial area to watch, and another key test for Sir Keir Starmer. The by-election was triggered by the resignation of the former Labour candidate, so could the part hold onto this area? Or could the so-called 'red wall' seat swing to the conservatives.

Recent polling from Survation put the Conservatives ahead of Labour.

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