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ROYAL VISIT: The Queen Visits Wales for first time in five years

Mark Drakeford, First Minister of Wales, said the sixth session of the Senedd was a period for the people of Wales to “look to the future” and he wanted to meet the “challenges” ahead by promoting “prosperity, equality and well-being for everyone in Wales”.

In his speech he also praised the efforts of all those who fought to mitigate the coronavirus pandemic: “We have seen the best of Wales in our health and care system, the shop workers, our teachers, all those public service workers, the businesses and volunteers, whose commitment, dedication and sheer hard work has helped to keep Wales open during this most difficult of times.”

Commenting on the future he added: “As we look beyond the pandemic, we recognise that we still have many challenges ahead.

“To meet them we will use all of our powers to promote prosperity, equality and well-being for everyone in Wales. And to turn ourselves to that other great crisis of our times, a crisis in climate change and the loss of biodiversity.”

The Queen has praised the efforts of all those in Wales who worked to mitigate the coronavirus pandemic, in a speech delivered at the opening of the sixth session of the Welsh Senedd.

With the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall sat nearby, the Queen said: “I have spoken before about how recent times have, in many ways, brought us closer together.

“We all owe a debt of gratitude to those who have risen so magnificently to the challenges of the last 18 months – from key workers to volunteers, who have done so much to serve their communities.

“They are shining examples of the spirit for which the Welsh people are so renowned, a spirit which I have personally encountered so many times.”

The Queen was spotted using a walking stick for the second time this week and took a lift to a lobby area of the parliament building in Cardiff where she met dignitaries before attending the opening.

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