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ARSENAL TAKEOVER: Spotify owner to make bid for Gunners


Spotify owner Daniel Ek has made contact with Stan Kroenke as he attempts an Arsenal Football Club takeover.

Ek has recruited Arsenal legends Dennis Bergkamp, Thierry Henry and Patrick Vieira to join the bid.

It is believed that no official bid has yet been made regarding a takeover despite the contact between the Spotify CEO and current Arsenal owner Kroenke.

The move comes in the wake of protests following the demise of the European Super League in which Arsenal were involved.

Several Arsenal supporters marched around the Emirates - their home ground - to show their displeasure with the current ownership.

Protests were aimed at removing the current owners and gaining more fan representation on the board.

Similar scenes were shown at Old Trafford, which is now under investigation after fans broke into the stadium and committed offenses.


Spotify CEO meets Arsenal Supporters Trust ahead of proposed takeover bid


Arsenal supporters informed Ek of their requests should he want their backing for a takeover.

It mainly centred around supporters having a say in the clubs running via the fans having a 'golden share'.

In a statement on their website, they said: "We have continually sought a dialogue with Stan Kroenke but he has refused to engage, despite commitments to do so made in official takeover documents in 2011.

"His appearances at the club’s Annual General Meetings in subsequent years to 2018 were not in any way interactive.

"The AST welcomed a recent approach from Daniel Ek and his consortium partners Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp and Patrick Vieira, and that they said meeting us was a priority for them.

"A constructive meeting was held and we were encouraged to hear their commitment to making the role of fans central to their proposals.

"This is very welcome and we look forward to further dialogue.

"We will engage with anyone who has a serious proposal as it is important any current or future owner is aware of the importance of working with fans.

"We also continue to seek a constructive and meaningful dialogue with Stan and Josh Kroenke.

"Our message to all of them is simple: Football needs to change. Arsenal needs to change."

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