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BRITISH SUPER LEAGUE: Rangers and Celtic could join English football


Scottish clubs Rangers and Celtic are being lined up to participate in a British Super League following the collapse of the European Super League.

According to reports, both clubs would leave their current league to join with teams in England in a proposal that has supposedly been given the green light by FIFA, UEFA and the UK Government despite their opposition to the ESL.

Premier League reform has been a hot topic this season following the unsuccessful ‘Project Big Picture’ that was drafted by Manchester United and Liverpool.

Although this was voted down unanimously by other clubs, it is believed the British Super League proposal has a much higher chance of success.


Replacing The League Cup


Like any cup competition, the League Cup was always a priority for clubs who wanted a chance to win silverware in days gone by.

However, in recent seasons it has become the tournament that most of the bigger clubs neglect, with Manchester City rotating their squad to win the last four on the bounce.

Many fans feel that because of this, now would be the perfect time to replace it with another competition.

Rather than adding Rangers and Celtic in to the English league, they could instead take part in a British Cup that would replace the League Cup and make for a higher level of competition.


Cross Border Competition


With the likes of Cardiff City and Swansea City both playing in the Championship, some would argue that the introduction of Celtic and Rangers to English football would not go against tradition.

Both the Bluebirds and the Swans have featured in the Premier League in recent years and have more than held their own against the competition.

Rangers and Celtic have won every Scottish League title since 1984, meaning that their exit from North of the border could help create a more competitive Scottish league, as well as benefiting the two Glasgow sides.

Whilst these plans do not appear to be set in stone, they have split supporters in the world of football, with some in support of the idea and others heavily against it.

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