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CAPITULATION: Watford defeat raises questions of Everton


The manner of Everton losing to Watford has brought about fans questioning the future under Rafa Benitez after the shock defeat at Goodison Park.

Claudio Ranieri led his Watford side to a stunning 5-2 comeback victory, scoring four goals in the last 15 minutes of the game.

Three of those goals came from former Everton striker Josh King, who despite failing to score for the Blues in 11 appearances, bagged a hat-trick for his new club Watford on his old stomping ground.

It was a shock result - Everton had previously never been beaten by Watford at Goodison Park - but it was the way in which the players capitulated that annoyed the supporters.

Speaking on the Gwladys Beat Podcast, Mike Thomas said the defeat was upsetting for Blues fans, especially with the team's promising early start now in tatters.

"I think the thing that really upset me the most was the manner of the defeat," Mike said after Everton had been beaten by Watford.

"It felt almost like this season, we were starting to gain a little bit of an identity and I think one of the things that people would take a little bit of solace in was getting those players like Townsend and Gray back in. Doucoure fighting in midfield with Allan.

"It almost felt like we were past the days of those complete capitulations where it looked like nobody was bothered.

"To have one of them so soon after what has been quite a good start to the season - the defeat to West Ham was quite sobering but you could take it - but to play Watford, which should be an easy three points, and make such an absolute hash of it in the most Everton way possible, just brought everyone back down to earth with a massive bang."

Nick Mernock added he felt that Everton were due for a beating based on recent performances, but he didn't expect that to come against Watford.

"I have to say, at some point, I thought we'd get a battering," Nick said on the Gwladys Beat podcast.

"He [Benitez] was getting probably more than he should have done out of them players. He was getting performances that you sort of thought ''at some point we will get a kicking'.

"You tended to think it would be your Chelsea's... you didn't think it would be Watford that's for sure!"

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