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COMMUNITY: Hand painted mural celebrates joint heritage in the city

COMMUNITY: Hand painted mural celebrates joint heritage in the city

Image: Peter Gilby

A three story mural, in association with UNIFY has been unveiled to celebrate the joint heritage of Cardiff’s Black and other ethnic minority communities.

Painted by street artist Bradley Rmer this mural is part of the 'My Cardiff My Shirt' project by Yusuf Ismail and Shawqi Hasson. The project uses art and football to showcase the multicultural Cardiff and to tell a story about race, identity and the importance of being seen.

The mural can be seen at Mischief’s Café Bar, 36 James St, Cardiff, CF10 5EY and features Maimuna Indjai, A young woman who moved to Cardiff four years ago from Guinea-Bissau, she is wearing a Cardiff City shirt and was photographed by Shawqi Hasson, pregnant with her daughter.

The 'My Cardiff My shirt' campaign began after Yusuf Ismail attended a city football match but noticed that there were no other people of colour in the stands. He said “Why is it that in a city that’s so diverse, so multicultural, and with football such a global sport – there’s not a single person of colour in the stands? We were trying to answer that question.”

This mural represents the city's community, it's black residents and symoblises the desire for change and progress.

Cardiff has the oldest black population in Wales and one of the oldest Muslim communities in the UK. Following the Black Lives Matter demonstrations and the announcement to introduce Black History into the Welsh curriculum - Yusuf believes a public mural like this will be a powerful affirmation and provide daily comfort and encouragement to everyone seeking change.

He said:  “Many people from our community are angry and hurt following the death of Mohamud Hassan and we want to give the community something to celebrate, an uplifting statement after this deeply challenging time.”


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