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WHALES UNDER THE STADIUM: ‘No Ice Caps No Cardiff’ campaign showcases mural to raise awareness of climate change

WHALES UNDER THE STADIUM: ‘No Ice Caps No Cardiff’ campaign showcases mural to raise awareness of climate change

Image: Cardiff Greenpeace Facebook

Cardiff environmental groups have joined forces to create iconic street art mural to raise awareness of climate change and it's impact on Cardiff.

Through the work of Cardiff Extinction rebellion, Green Squirrel, Cardiff Greenpeace and Cardiff Friends of the Earth a life sized image of a humpback whale swimming under the partially submerged Principality stadium has been painted on an end terrace wall in Grangetown as part of the 'No Ice caps No Cardiff' art series.

The message of the mural is to raise awareness of the rising sea levels and it's threat to Cardiff city and the globe.

Last year Cardiff was named the UK’s most at risk city due to climate change and the sixth most at risk in the world, according to a study funded by Nestpick. The astonishing results showed it is one of only two European cities in the top 10 and much higher than London, which is ranked 22nd.

The terrace house belongs to Carl Fenton. He had seen XR’s other murals in Roath, but instead decided to commission a professional artist to showcase the important message, and called upon local artist Spike Clark.

Lex Celnik, Cardiff Extinction Rebellion said:  “No Ice Caps, No Cardiff started as a banner project but I knew we needed to do something bigger and more permanent to generate more discussion about the biggest issue facing us today. We’ve received an overwhelming response from members of the community, who have been chatting to Spike, our artist, as the mural has progressed, whilst on their daily walks.
We wanted to give people beautiful, thought provoking images they could connect with because so often we think of climate change as being an existential crisis and don’t realise how even a slight temperature rise will bring catastrophic flooding and threaten food security here in the UK.”

Cardiff Greenpeace also stated: "According to an October 2019 study by Cardiff environmental consultants Afallen, unless urgent action is taken on the climate crisis, many parts of Cardiff and several iconic buildings could be underwater within 80 years".

Extinction Rebellion have received great feedback from their recent murals and wish to continue to spread the message around all areas of the city.



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