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WHO IS H: A Line of Duty Series 6 Catch-Up


Line of Duty: Series 6 is nearly over but before the end of the latest run, let’s go over what we’ve found out this year. 

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Who is H?

Since Series 4, the question that has hooked the nation looks like it is finally about to be answered: WHO IS H? We’ve all had theories as to who the illustrious “fourth man” is and now, we’re been left with a few prime suspects. DCI Marcus Thurwell, played by James Nesbitt, looked like he was “definately” the man pulling the strings, but he has supposedly been offed by the OCG in Spain. Let’s face it though, no one actually believes he’s dead though do they?

Other prime suspects are Chief Constable Philip Osborne played by Owen Teale, who threw PCC Sindwhani under the bus and keeps banging on about “enemies within”, and DS Ian Buckells. But come one! Buckells is far too much of a buffoon to be anything more than a useful pawn for the OCG. Or is he? Either way, he better watch his back in prison.

Meanwhile, Episode Six featured one of the show’s longest interview scenes to date. DCI Jo Davidson didn’t say too much though, did she?

“No Comment”

More like... Jo Comment! No please say something, we need answers. We now know that Jo’s uncle is actually her father - the ridiculously evil Tommy Hunter, who was the show’s primary villain all the way back in Series 1.

In an effort to prove that she wasn’t bent, Jo told Kate to investigate the abandoned printing shop opposite innocent Terry Boyle’s flat. Sure enough, Gail Vella’s stolen computers were there, crucial evidence in Operation Lighthouse. She also admitted to planting the burner phones at Farida’s flat and the files in Buckells’ car, as well as manipulating the surveillance delay and setting up the decoy to delay the arrest of Carl Banks. She even confessed to killing Ryan, all to save Kate’s skin.... AWH SWEET! What a beautiful love story.

Things aren’t looking too good for the Gaffer either! His career in the force is hanging by a thread and it looks like he’s on his way out. The clock is certainly ticking for Ted Hastings but will he finish this case. Props to Ted, who said one of the best lines in the history of the show...

Before we wrap up, look at this interesting interaction between Patricia Carmichael & Chloe.... WHY ON EARTH WOULD SHE BE RECYCLING A PHOTO OF OSBOURNE?

Whatever happens, this series of Line of Duty has definately kept us all entertained for the past couple of weeks with 15 million of us tuning into watch. But will there be a Series 7? I hope so....

Catch all of Series 6 of Line of Duty on BBC iPlayer before the finale this Sunday!

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